T-Mobile Prepaid Refill Website Sucks!

I’m currently using a T-Mobile prepaid phone which gives me 1500 minutes of talk time for $30 a month. The price is not the best you can get in the market, but is definitely pretty good. I settled for the plan because I already have an unlocked GSM phone.

If you want to add money to the account though, you have 2 painful options. The best option is to go to a store, but that requires locating a store nearby and finding time to drive there. The second option is to call from your phone but then you have to navigate automated voice response hell. I certainly prefer making payments online, and in fact, if you call their phone payment lines, they tell you to pay online. But here is the catch.

The T-Mobile Prepaid refill webpage is missing the CVV2 number field, so your transactions will keep getting rejected by VISA/Mastercard/your bank.

I tried twice to pay online, and both the times, the website told me the transaction was not authorized. But when I check my credit card accounts, I saw a charge each for the 2 attempts I made. So, I called the customer service line, and after 15 mins of navigating menus and call transfers, I finally reached a representative who told me that my bank rejected the transaction for INVALID SECURITY CODE! Invalid security code? I didn’t even enter a security code! Here is the form it presents me:


So, after I was done paying over the phone, I asked the representative to transfer me to some department where I can at least file a bug report so they fix the problem. After another 3 call transfers, the only answer I got was there is no way to file a complaint/bug report. All they have is a catch-all email address that collects people’s ‘grievances’. I don’t have a grievance – I have a genuine bug report to file that actually helps T-Mobile make more money (it costs less to process a transaction over the web than by phone or in store).

What nimrods!


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