AppData path changed!

In a very bizzare incident, the value of the AppData registry key at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders changed from %USERPROFILE%\Application Data to C:\Application Data.

Function List Plugin Part 2: Python Parsing Rules

The previous article on Function List Plugin dealt with setting up the plugin on Notepad++ 5.3. In this article, I show you how to set up parsing rules and tree view icons for the Function List Plugin in Notepad++ 5.3. The rules shown here are for code written in Python.

Chicken Curry Salad at Cafe Latté

I had dinner at Cafe Latté tonight. They had a salad I haven’t seen there before – the Chicken Curry salad. Most non-Indian restaurants where I have tried anything with ‘Curry’ in the name have been largely disappointing. But not this treat.

What to do when Remote Desktop Connection doesn’t work

Remote Desktop Sharing is a very cool feature of Windows XP. It is turned on in a default installation of XP. But after you have tweaked it a little, you might not be able to connect to the machine remotely. I suggest in this article some nooks and crannies where you might look for the

Starting an App in Invisible state in VB.Net

Windows applications written using the .NET framework do not have a clean way of making the startup form initially invisible or hidden. Setting the Me.Visible property to False in the Load event of the form does not work. In this post, I show you a sample application that starts up invisible and uses a timer

Function List Plugin on Notepad++ 5.3

Function List is one of the many cool features of Notepad++. But the latest version requires extra steps to set up Function List properly. This 2-part article shows how to install Function List and how to configure the new parser rules for your own favorite language.

Windows CE Task Manager Sample App

Windows CE 5.0 doesn’t have a full-featured Task Manager. The included Task Manager only lists processes with visible windows. I needed an app that could list Window-less tasks and let me kill the tasks. I did find an excellent application by Viktor Toth which has the same feature set as the XP/Win2k Task Manager, but

Simple Visual Studio Setup Projects

When you develop a new piece of test code or scratch-an-itch code as a developer, most often, you just need to run the software on the same computer that you developed on. That keeps things easy because you already have the linked libraries installed. But every so often, you need to install the software on

Great Year in Movies

2008 has to be one of the best years in movie history. Some years, there is hardly a movie worth the Oscar. This year, there were more than a handful. After watching The Dark Knight, I was sure it would win a Best Director for Chris Nolan. But along came Danny Boyle with Slumdog Millionaire