I apparently live in a clean city!

The American Lung Association just came out with its 2009 State of the Air report. Many large metropolitan areas don’t fare well on the list – including places like San Diego, Kansas City, Cincinnati (!) and Charlotte (NC). Of course, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas shouldn’t surprise anyone by making it to the list of most polluted cities.

On the other end of the spectrum, the cleanest air is not really in anything you will call a ‘city’. Again, not surprising at all. Places that make the list of cleanest air quality are, for example, Billings MT, Sioux Falls SD, Fargo ND, Lincoln NE, etc.

Minneapolis/St Paul didn’t make it to either list. Given that this is a decently large metropolitan area, I think that counts as a significant blessing for Twin Citians such as myself. One more reason to not leave the Twin Cities.

Read the full report here.

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