Chicken Curry Salad at Cafe Latté

I had dinner at Cafe Latté tonight. They had a salad I haven’t seen there before – the Chicken Curry salad. Most non-Indian restaurants where I have tried anything with ‘Curry’ in the name have been largely disappointing. But not this treat.

The main ingredient of the salad is Couscous, but not the fine-grained kind you ususally associate with that name. This couscous was almost the size of small sweet peas or lentils. The salad also had apple, carrot and spinach along with a sweet and tangy curry dressing. And it had ample quantity of grilled chicken pieces. I winged it and got the large serving for around $6 rather than the small one for $5, and this was one of those (albeit rare) times when you don’t regret ordering a large portion of an hitherto untried dish. Here is a photo for the vicarious.cafelatte_chickencurrysalad

The bread on the top is a Focaccia roll, although I like their Focaccia wedges better. Oh – and they had a day-old baguette roll for $1.25. It was still smelled fresh, and certainly beats the $3.00 price I last paid at the Wedge Co-op.


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