Month: August 2009

Extracting WAV file header information using a Python script

I am currently working on WAV file playback in an embedded device. To store WAV (PCM) sounds on an embedded device, you need to strip the headers and extract the uncompressed PCM data from the file. My previous post shows how to convert the binary data from the WAV file into a C array that

Embedding a binary file as an array in Firmware

Most small embedded devices do not have enough storage to justify a file system abstraction.  So, if you have to store binary data like an image or a sound waveform, the most common method is to embed it in the code as a linear array. In this article, I show you a Python script that

Table Join Operation in Excel

The interactivity of Excel makes it a very handy tool for data analysis. But Excel excels only at numeric analysis. Unfortunately, tabular/set analysis is not inherently supported in Excel and you have to jump through hoops to do that. I’m posting the source code for a VBA subroutine (Excel Macro) that performs one of the